Wesson's Canine Bakery
Contact: The Barrick Family
Address: PO BOX 1025 Peru, IN, 46970
Email Address:
Phone: 239-405-4069
About Us
Wesson’s Canine Bakery is a family owned dog bakery based in Peru, Indiana however we ship internationally! All of the treats we make are from the purest ingredients from local farms and are free from harmful dyes, preservatives, added sugars, additives, and chemicals.
Don’t be fooled by labels in the stores that say “All natural”. There are many commercial icings, sprinkles, biscuits, and treats that are indeed safe for dogs. However, they contain chemicals, dyes, artificial flavors, and other ingredients that either you can’t pronounce or have no idea what they are.... plainly they just aren’t healthy for your dog!
We strive to always make a treat that is a healthy option for your pet that is chemical free, preservative free, wholesome, human grade, and again just plain healthy!
All treats have been tested by the FDA and are licensed by the state of Indiana, and also tested by the 5 taste testers living in my home!